Welcome to FMM Genius Consulting with Jennifer Segerius, MBA


It is my honour and privilege to act as your consultant and mentor over the course of our journey together. On behalf of myself, and my entire team - we are thrilled to have you working with us.

Our goals for the time we have together are very simple:

1) Create a high-converting marketing funnel and maximize profits, elevating your business to the next level.

2) Deliver your offer in a way that maximizes YOUR personal freedom and enjoyment of your business, gives your clients amazing results, and generates maximum revenue.

These are HUGE, life-changing goals, but if you do EXACTLY what we tell you to do without hesitation, and if you’re willing to push through challenges, then I have no doubt you will be very successful.

What’s Included in the Consultancy?

To help you achieve all of this, you have access to the following:

  • Our propriety FlexiFunnels™ system for optimum marketing success.

How to Get Help


We are here to help you achieve maximum results in minimum time. If you don’t ask for help, you won’t be getting the most out of this program!

The fastest way to get help is to email your to me at:


You can send me your landing pages, your ads, your e-mails, ANYTHING you want and get nearly instant feedback.

And please note - we are here to help you with ANYTHING, from landing pages to your own internal mindset. Whatever you need, we are here for you 1000%, so take advantage!

Please note that the FlexiFunnels™ system you will learn is our proprietary intellectual property. You have the right to learn from and apply this training to your OWN business, but you do NOT have the right to re-teach, re-sell, or share this information in any way. Developing this system has cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars, and we are VERY serious about enforcing this.

Let’s be clear on one thing: Building a six or seven-figure monthly business is difficult.

There will be significant challenges you need to overcome.

You can react to those challenges only one of two ways - you can either CRUSH them, or allow yourself to be crushed BY them.

At FlexiFunnels™ we believe that the purpose of life is to set sky-high, incredibly ambitious goals, and to overcome problem after problem until we achieve them.

This isn’t just good business practice, it’s how we grow as human beings.

To do that, you have to decide to LOVE challenges and problems.

Every challenge and every problem is a potential improvement that’s screaming for your attention. The way we’ve built an amazing company is by being honest about problems when they come up, and dealing with them in a resourceful, rational way.

  • We don’t get scared.
  • We don’t pretend the problem doesn’t exist.
  • We don’t lie to ourselves.
  • We simply view each problem as something to be overcome, because that’s how we get better.

In a way, we view the whole process of building a business as just a game…and problems are what makes the game worth playing.

Enrolling in this course is a mutual commitment. We are committed to giving you the BEST consulting and support on the planet to help you reach your goals.

YOU are committed to persevering when the going gets tough. There is no turning back.

If you dive into the consultancy, take bold action, and calmly, intelligently, and bravely deal with the challenges that are going to come up, you can create the EXACT business you want.

What Should I do first?

Complete the Payment Authorization

The first thing you should do is download the Payment Authorization.

Fill it in and email it back to me ASAP, within 2 days, at: Jennifer@freemovementmarketing.com


What Should I do SECOND?

Download the FlexiFunnels™ Marketing Genius System

Next download the FlexiFunnels™ Marketing Genius System and get started with familiarizing yourself with the system.

Make a note of ANY questions you have and bring them during our next session.

Many of our sessions will involve some form of homework - execute this as QUICKLY as possible!

Time goes by quicker than you realize, so take action right away. The only thing holding you back is fear. Our clients who overcome their fear have brought in $50,000 - $410,000 in additional income in just 60 days.

We’re just getting to know each other, so I can’t guarantee you’ll get the same results, but have no doubt: this system has the power to change your life.

Success takes a great plan, and the courage to follow it through.

We can provide the plan, but you must provide the courage. If you do that, there is no limit to how much success you can enjoy in this program.


What Should I do THIRD?

Make an appointment

The next thing left for us to do is to plan our first Boutique Marketing Consultancy Session together.

Please go to this page:


And click option 3 Boutique Marketing Consultancy Session

What Should I do LAST?


Lastly, I need you to send me any marketing details you have at the moment which you would like me to take a look at.

Please send them to me here:



Hi, this is Alex, and I just wanted to say thanks to Jennifer Segerius for helping me develop my own successful marketing strategy, coaching me when I needed it, and encouraging my success. I've never been happier, and I owe it all to her and her team. Thanks so much for all your help!


I love what Jennifer does! She not only knows her stuff thru and thru, she also knows how to teach others how to do it as well! When it comes marketing your business you want to learn from a master! I call Jennifer my Dutch Master!

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