Why Your Dog Can Teach You Marketing

I don’t think people are dogs. But we do share some similar cognitive patterns. So, yes you can learn to be a better marketer from your dog. And hey, maybe just maybe if your business relationships are crazy, you should get a dog and learn something! Here’s my gorgious dog – Max the marketing wonder dog! 1. […]

3 Ways To Attract More Clients

There’s a huge market of potential clients that desperately need your service, right? But for whatever reason, they aren’t coming to you in droves like you expected. What gives? I’ve been in this scenario before, and it can wreak some pretty serious emotional (and financial) turmoil.  There’s a lot of moving pieces to this marketing […]

The 7 Biggest Facebook Advertising Mistakes

Facebook ads are all the rage right now. Every brand is throwing money at them and every marketer thinks they’re a Facebook ads expert. But here’s the harsh reality… Very few people are actually running effective Facebook ads. In order for someone to leverage the massive potential of Facebook ads, they need to avoid the biggest […]

How to Get More Likes on Facebook Without Buying Fans

Since its founding in 2004, Facebook has grown to be a massive force in advertising, media, and our culture. In fact, as of June 2017, Facebook had 1.32 billion daily active users on average, as reported by the Facebook Newsroom. According to the World Bank, the entire population of the world is just under 7.5 billion, which […]

How to Design A Highly Effective Facebook Page

Want to build your personal brand on Facebook? Of course you do! Facebook is the largest social media platform on the planet with over 2 billion monthly users. That’s a huge platform! And it’s engaged, too. Pew Research shows that approximately 75% of Facebook users check the site daily. And they’re not just scrolling and bouncing. Sprout Social […]