What Is Your Magnificent Obsession?

There’s something about this time of year that has the effect of refocusing our attention on our business goals, and planning our actions for the year ahead. For most of us, that means identifying the skills, training, and tools we’ll need, and how we’ll acquire them. We assume that if we learn new business skills, […]

How to Construct a Profitable Webinar Sales Funnel from Scratch

You want to make sales. You want leads to flock your way faster than you can spend money on advertising. But more than that, you want those leads to turn into customers. Few things in business are worse than getting a massive amount of leads that go nowhere. After all, a lead is only valuable […]

4 Tactics To Improve Your Landing Pages Savvy Marketers Miss

Effective landing pages are the ones which mirror the marketing themes The landing page of your website is crucial. It is often the first contact people have with your company. Therefore, it’s essential you capture their attention and their interest. If your landing page is not attractive and does not contain meaningful information, potential customers will […]

5 Ways Marketing on Facebook Has Changed

Can You Reach Your Facebook Fans? Organic reach used to be 15-20% for most Facebook Pages. However, the past few years have seen a significant drop. Of course, this is no surprise to any social media marketer who’s paying any attention whatsoever. Now, there are strategies to boost your organic reach: Show your personality Ask […]

11 Facebook Metrics Every Brand Needs to Track

  Let’s be honest, Facebook gives you a lot of data. The only other network that even comes close is Twitter. The amount of information you can get from Facebook on the performance of your posts, audience demographics and campaign tracking is amazing. While having all this information available is nice, it’s only useful if […]