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Equiping business owners with the skills necessary to succeed in today’s economy.

Our goal is to make these courses practical, skills-based and highly efficient.


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About Us

We will work on each of your unique business issues, marketing approach, selling propositions, market positioning, competitive challenges, and untapped or underperforming opportunities the business has yet to identify… until now…These programs are designed to help entrepreneurs grow faster, safer, and more predictably – with the proper mentorship – from a business expert.

The goal is to help business owners, entrepreneurs, and private practice professionals with marketing makeovers, strategy restructuring, competitive advantage improvements, positioning elevation, and pre-emptive ways to:

  • Attract more buyers/clients/patients
  • Sell them more products and services
  • Sell them more frequently and for longer durations
  • And identify ancillary revenue opportunities that represent substantial profit increases for your business.


jennifer segerius, mba

Jennifer Segerius, MBA, is the Founder, CEO and visionary leader of the Free Movement Marketing, a global educationsal institute with many years in the field of organizational and leadership development, marketing, sales and coaching.

She is known as the Dutch Master Marketeer most sought after in the online business community for setting up businesses for optimization and profit.

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