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How Would You Like Me to Personally Create a Flow of Automated Leads, Clients, and Sales Straight Into Your Business… Absolutely for Free?

From the Desk of: Jennifer Segerius, MBA

The Netherlands

Dear Friend,

Let’s talk about RESULTS for a second:

  • My client J just created such a successful marketing funnel, and make $210,000 online for the first time ever…with zero prior online marketing experience of any kind… In 8 weeks
  • My long-time student D just scaled his business from low five-figures to $120,000 per month…

The list goes on and on. The only question you need to ask yourself is, “Do I want to hit my income goals this year?”

If the answer is YES, I would love to help you get these kinds of results, and I’d like to help you do it for FREE.

Here’s how it works…

Right Now, You’re Probably Stuck on One of These 2 Things…

  • 1

    You want to get more leads and customers flowing into your business.

    The RIGHT people, who are thrilled to work with you, who understand your value, and who see you as the “Rolls Royce” of your industry…

  • 2

    You’re working too hard and you want to streamline your business

    So it runs like a well-oiled machine…you can unplug, relax, and have a sales & marketing process that does the work FOR you so that you can spend more time with your loved ones WHILE you get excellent results for your clients and customers.

Which of those sounds more like you?

The good news is that whichever it is, I can craft a plan to help you make it a reality…

…and I’ll do it for you for FREE.

Consider this:

These are the kinds of results I get for my clients every single day. If I can do it for them, I can do it for you.

Here’s How To Get My Help For FREE…

It’s a bold promise…

But after generating MILLIONS of dollars in sales online for my clients, I feel very comfortable making it.

The plan we craft together will be SIMPLE, CLEAR, and VERY EASY to follow.

My stuff works, and I know that if we work together, you’ll make money.

This invitation is going out to 11,000 people right now, so as you can imagine, it’s going to create a huge response.

That’s why I need you to read this next part carefully:

This is NOT For Everybody. Here’s Who I Can Help:

I’m VERY picky about who I’ll speak with, and I have a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria that needs to be met in order for us to proceed:

  • I’ve set aside some time to speak to you over the next few days.
  • On that call, I will lay out a plan to help you do ANY or ALL of the things I mentioned above.
  • This plan is going to enable you to hit your income goals this year…and blow right past them…
  • …while working LESS than you are right now.
  • 1

    1. You need to be able to provide REAL value for your clients and customers, so that your offer could potentially support a premium price.

    This offer is for people who have genuine knowledge or expertise that helps people solve problems. If you can do that, and you want more clients and sales at higher prices, while working less … let’s talk.
    But, if you’re selling a multi-level marketing seaweed wrap for $10 and trying to recruit people into your “downline”, no offense, but this is NOT for you.

  • 2

    2. You MUST be an action-taker who follows directions. (Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to do anything weird.)

    If you like to “kick tires” or sign-up for programs and not follow through, this is not for you. Maintaining a 100% client success rate is VERY important to me. Please be someone who doesn’t mess around, and is serious about RESULTS.

That’s it – if you meet BOTH of those requirements, we’re good.

During our FREE introductory call, I shall do everything in my power to give you the best possible advice, insight and strategy for your business and your marketing.

If we decide to work together after that, my fee is € 4120 per month.

Here’s What I Want You to Do Next:

If you meet the criteria above, and you’d like to talk about getting some incredible results in your business, then I’ll happily set aside some time for you.

Fill out the short application at the bottom of this page. It’s very fast and unobtrusive.

I just need to know what you’re selling, who your target market is, and what you want to accomplish.

Then, you’ll be directed to the booking page where you can grab whatever time is available and works for you.

That’s it!

The initial call will go about 30 minutes, and it will be the BEST time you have EVER spent working on your business.


This invitation is going out to 11,000 people today, and there is only ONE of me!

It’s physically impossible for me to work with more than a handful of people, and it is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED.

If you feel like this is the right opportunity for you, read on, leave your application, and let’s talk!

Yes, Jennifer! I want this!

Here's what I'm doing:

I'm applying to speak with Jennifer Segerius and maybe become a marketing client;

This is what I know will happen next....

  • I will be able to schedule a time for me to talk to Jennifer personally.
  • Jennifer will help me create a plan for an immediate increase in profits or discuss with me if the FlexiFunnels marketing program would be a good fit for me.
  • I may or may not become a client, and there will be no pressure to do so!
  • If Jennifer and I decide we're not a good "fit" and if I think Jennifer has wasted my time, she will send me $100 immediately because she's the real deal and doesn't screw around.
  • If we decide we are a good fit, I will become a FlexiFunnels marketing client and participate in the program
  • Alternatively, I may become a consultancy client.
  • I realize that every single one of Jennifer Segerius’ clients generate more income from working with her than what they pay her, so the "cost" to me is essentially zero.
  • The SOLE PURPOSE of this is for me to make more money in my business while delivering even greater value to my marketplace and having lots of fun in the process.
  • I realize this is by application only, and appointments are granted on a first come, first served basis.

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