Stage 3 Funnel Activation

In the FUNNEL ACTIVATION stage, we use the big idea we developed, choose our funnel type and then we get creative, sculpting the perfect headlines as well as creating the basic pages.


  • You have chosen a funnel type
  • Set up your minimum viable funnel
  • Know the difference between feature, advantage & benefit

How do you know when you’re done?


  • You have chosen your funnel type
  • You have begun setting up your minimum viable funnel (MVF) which consists of the following four funnel pages:
  • The lead capture page
  • The marketing/sales page
  • The order form page
  • The thank you page
  • You have an  understanding of the front-end sale
  • You get the lead generation process
  • You learnt the lead magnet offer formulas
  • You have insight into the customer captivation offer
  • You understand the difference and importance of feature, advantage & benefit