Marketing & Business Growth Consulting


*Our process is 100% flexible, and you can fit this around your own schedule

A Totally Interactive Business Makeover, with Custom Strategies Tailored Specifically to YOUR Business!

Gain customized "scenario-specific" business growth & marketing recommendations and strategies.


  • Are you stuck losing out to the competition?
  • Are you struggling with not selling enough?
  • Are you frustrated with costs eating up all your profits?
  • Are you lost still doing what’s not working?
  • Are you tired of being marginalized by the marketplace?
  • Are you still saying, “I can do it all myself”?...

Get Focused on YOUR Business to…


  • Uncover New Profitable Revenue Sources
  • Enhance Your Competitive Positioning
  • Transform Your Marketing Approach
  • And Improve Your Strategy

This consulting will be unlike anything you've ever experienced... 


BUT - We’re not accepting just anyone to this exclusive opportunity. You have to be:

  1. Running a real online business with a successful track record.
  2. A fanatic about growing your business.
  3. Open-minded to non-linear business growth methods.
  4. Not a start-up looking for funding, or a last 'Hail Mary').

ADMISSION: € 4120 / month


  • Marketing Strategy Advisor
  • Business Growth Strategist
  • Marketing Automation
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Sales Process Development
  • Sales Training
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Business Management
  • Master Coach
  • Business Optimizer

Jennifer Segerius, MBA, is the Founder, CEO and visionary leader of BOSS Business Boost University, a global management firm with many years in the field of organizational and leadership development and coaching as well as Free  Movement Marketing  and host of the Mastering Consultancy show.

She is known as the Dutch Master Marketeer most sought after in the online business community for setting up businesses for optimization and profit.

We will work on each unique business issues, marketing approach, selling propositions, market positioning, competitive challenges, and untapped or underperforming opportunities the business has yet to identify... until now...

This consultancy program designed to help entrepreneurs grow faster, safer, and more predictably - with the proper mentorship - from a business expert.

The goal is to help business owners, entrepreneurs, and private practice professionals with marketing makeovers, strategy restructuring, competitive advantage improvements, positioning elevation, and pre-emptive ways to:

  • Attract more buyers/clients/patients
  • Sell them more products and services
  • Sell them more frequently and for longer durations
  • And identify ancillary revenue opportunities that represent substantial profit increases for your business.

This is an interactive, collaborative, and highly dynamic process.


So if you can move mountains to jump on board, you'll want to do it because it can and should be worth multiples of your investment.

Your Business Will Finally Get the “Reality Check” it Needs to Climb Further, Faster and Higher


The goal from the first minute you enter is to get YOU and YOUR BUSINESS as many high performing, absolutely stunning and tectonic breakthroughs that you can instantly implement, apply, execute on, and see meaningful (and preferably monumental) results.

Your “Possibility Paradigm” will STRETCH in Ways That Are Presently Unimaginable to You… and You Need That!


Sincerely and immodestly -- you can't fathom the monumental TORRENT of breakthroughs, highly specific action-ready ideas, advice and opportunities your sponge-like mind will soak up throughout this unprecedented process.

Don't think too long about saying yes – or declining the proposition - because Jennifer can only accommodate 10 people max.

Therefore, if you have serious and mission-critical problems, unsolved issues, and untapped opportunities worth multiples upon multiples of the modest € 4120 price to participate – and you want this prominent expert’s best reasoned advice/mentorship – then the math should tell you what to do, not the copy on this page.

If you feel you are right for this opportunity please apply below and we will evaluate your responses, and contact you accordingly to discuss acceptance into the program.

Whatever you decide, it’s your business. What you do with the rest of your life there is up to you. We merely want to help YOU see YOURSELF and YOUR BUSINESS from a much more elevated perspective.


Now please answer these questions so we can set up a time to talk together.

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